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Sign ups for the 2015-16 season will be starting in Mid September.



Congratulations to our 2015 tournament champions!

Kindergarten - K2 / Chris Fiehrer

Boys 1st - B12 / Michael Thomas

Boys 2nd - B23 / David Glenn

Boys 3rd - B32 / Cory Davids

Girls 1-2 - G11 / Christy Even

Girls 3-4 - G31 / Jason Austerman

Girls 5-6 - G54 / Todd Boyer

Boys 4th - B42 / Justin Cunningham

Boys 5th - B55 / John Bush

Boys 6th - B65 / Kevin Stanfield

Boys 7-8th - B73 / Joe Carpenter

Boys 9-10th - B99 / Kevon Armstrong

Boys 11-12th - B103 / Chris Feller





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